OTHER PLANS“ – John Lennon

My Name is Corinna Werkle, I am married, and I have two children in their 20ties.

Coaching is close to my heart as I am deeply convinced that for each human being there is a personal way to happiness. In my life I learned, that this feeling is closely connected to your private life and your business environment.

My life was from the very beginning strongly influenced by different career opportunities and it made me surely shake once in a while. ‚ÄúIs this the right thing I am doing?‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúWhere will my next step take me to?‚ÄĚ Most of the time I had to take the risk to experience what was wrong or right.

Through my career path moving became a principal theme and it was the reason why I never had built-in closets but instead apparel racks, that fitted in any moving van. When my family entered the equation, it was clear to me that things will change, and I had to rethink my live. My decision to start my own company was not an easy undertake, but it allowed me the work self-determined and finally to do what my passion was. I realized this was my missing piece to a more fulfilled life.

That I decided after 10 years living a well-organized and established life to make a change again was driven by my eagerness and the fascination to experience the new. Therefore, when the job opportunity in the United States came up, it was no question for my family and me to pack our things and go. It became a big adventure for all of us, which we never regretted.

What I always kept in my mind was a quote of John Lennon: ‚ÄúLive happens while you make other plans?‚ÄĚ