Erik, Student of Dentistry

„What I needed most was a neutral assessment of the situation – a structure in my train of thoughts and an order of the steps leading to my ultimate goals. That’s exactly what I got, along with an intrinsic motivation and a clearer picture of the road ahead!“

Karen, Education student

„The coaching was very helpful for me on many levels. It showed me what I need to focus on in order to have (even more) fun with my studies and my future career! We worked together on ideas, structures, plans and my passion, so that after each meeting I was able to cope with my daily routines full of energy and drive. It was a successful and great time all around!“

Amel, Merchandise Controller Mode

‚ÄúThe preparations for my forthcoming interviews with potential employers were effectively supported by Corinna. Through the coaching I was trained on my hard and soft skills. Of course you are nervous before such interviews, but the intensive coaching has enforced my self confidence and prepared me in the best possible way for my applications. I can only recommend a professional interview coaching and I really enjoyed the work with Corinna.‚ÄĚ

Kathi & Isa, Startup Founders

Corinna has supported us through the process of our start up idea and was always supportive and as well pushed us to stay on our course. Without her we would not be where we are today. With her we allowed ourselves to think out of the box and we were able to be much clearer with our vision and she supported our strategic thinking at the same time. Not only her valid questions around the idea and concept, but as well her professional questioning on the concept and execution helped us to be more sharp on our start up idea. After each meeting we were energized and full of motivation!

Luna, law student

The coaching helped me a lot personally, as I learned where my strengths lie and got to know myself better. I was able to work out my goals for the future and become aware of what I really want to achieve in the next few years. I can only recommend such an experience to everyone!