Whether your fulfillment is driven through your job, your friends and family, your socio-cultural involvement or your lifestyle. You define your happiness.
Sometimes simple things can drive and influence your immediate sense of happiness, a short stroll in the park in the sun, a blood pumping workout to kickstart your day, a coffee catch up with your friend, planting herbs in your garden or learning something new.
Anything you’ve always wanted to do can make you feel good and create happiness.
Now the question arises: What are these things for you, and do you get to experience them in your day to day life? Can you allow them to make you happy? Or is there something standing in your way preventing you from cherish these small moments or big sentiments?

In this coaching session, you will learn and reflect on why happiness is not currently a recurring theme in your life. Rewarding yourself, appreciating what you have or accomplishing something for yourself is a skill we all need to learn.
Together, we will learn about your so-called inner team, understand your long-lasting paradigms and routines ingrained negative learnings and frustrating experiences and turn in a positive way. Through playful methods and cognitive tools, we will create ways to better handle negative influencers and learn to appreciate those little wins.